Buying a kitten and placement considerations

Buying a Kitten

Placing kittens is a big responsibility and as much care and effort goes into our breeding we like to have contact with the owners on a regular basis prior to making a decision. This contact can be via email or phone until we can meet potential owners in person when the kittens are around 8-9 weeks old. Rextales does not take deposits until the kittens have been viewed by potential owners and all parties are comfortable with the arrangement. We believe placing a kitten is a two way agreement and it is important that new owners are comfortable with the environment the kittens are born and raised in.

After the kitten visit potential owners will be sent a Kitten Agreement prior to committing.The agreement is written and provided in good faith with the aim of promoting ethical practices in breeding, selling and owning a Rextales kitten. Lots of hours, love and care go into producing our kittens and if you receive an Agreement it means we believe that you will provide our kittens with the quality care and love they deserve and recognise the long term commitment involved.

Due to the Devon's interactive personality we prefer to place two kittens together where kittens will be left alone for long period as from experience we have seen some kittens can become bored and lonely if left to their own devices for extended periods of time. It is also a fact that siblings socialise each other when placed together reducing the chances of behavioural problems.

Potential owners who are interested in taking two kittens together receive priority on the waiting list providing they are a suitable placement. We prefer not to place kittens into households where there are a number of cats already. We will consider placing kittens in households with a single mature age cat however will not place kittens in situations where owners are purchasing kittens from another breeder at the same time or already have a young cat. These are precautionary measures and based on an understanding of potential health risks to all the cats concerned and principles of ethical placement practice. The exception to this is where owners have brought a kitten from us previously.